Ikigai is a Japanese word that means “life worth living”. With this expression we want to emphasize the concrete possibility of the human being to be an agent of change and optimism for oneself, for others and for nature.

This pathway is based on the map of evolutionary intelligences and the dimensions related to them such as body and bioenergy, primary and heart emotions, operative mind, creative mind and spiritual dimension.

It is designed for school, health and business professionals who wish to strengthen their life skills, namely those social, cognitive and personal skills that allows us to positively responds to the requests and challenges of our lives.

With life skills we refer to ten specific skills:

  1. Managing emotions: developing awareness of one’s emotions and the ability to manage them in multiple contexts;
  2. Stress management or the ability to identify the main causes of stress, to know how to implement changes, to know how to adapt to different situations.
  3. Knowledge of oneself, one’s abilities, one’s strengths and weaknesses and one’s needs;
  4. The ability to relate to others, that is, the ability to establish and maintain meaningful relationships in a positive way and knowing how to interrupt relationships, if necessary, constructively and without violence;
  5. Empathy or the ability to “put yourself in someone’s shoes”, that is, listening without prejudice, trying to understand the other’s point of view;
  6. Effective communication: knowing how to express oneself effectively in different situations, knowing how to express feelings, needs and moods appropriately, being able to listen to others;
  7. Ability to make decisions (decision making): knowing how to actively elaborate the decision-making process by supporting the most appropriate decision;
  8. Ability to solve problems (problem solving) knowing how to constructively solve problems and criticalities;
  9. Critical sense: the ability to re-elaborate situations and events independently;
  10. Creative thinking, that is, the ability to find alternative solutions to the various situations arising in life.

The steps of this pathway are:

  • Body, bioenergy and primary emotions
  • The relationship with the other and effective communication
  • The dimension of the heart to shape change
  • The operative mind and the creative mind

IKIGAI: life worth living

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