Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning “life worth living”: this expression underlines the concrete possibility for people to be agents of change and optimism for themselves, others and nature.

This training leads to a deep understanding of your own IKIGAI, allowing you to discover your vision and mission and providing you with the necessary tools to manifest and implement it in the world. 

Through the Synchronicity of the Heart, you will experience the map of evolutionary intelligences and the dimensions related to them (the body and bioenergy, the primary emotions and the heart, the operational  mind, the creative mind and the spiritual dimension).

Ikigai is meant for those who wish to create a more sustainable, inclusive and joyous world where happiness, creativity, empathy and love can exist. 

In a deeply unsustainable society in which love, introspection and empathy have been marginalized – generating widespread personal and social suffering and the continuous destruction of nature – it is necessary to shift, perspective, working towards a new vision.

If you really want to become an agent of change, you must take an evolutionary leap into the dimension of the heart,  the door to conscious sustainability.

The benefits of this training are:

  • activate high levels of energy in order to regain your strength and your personal power

  • recognize blocked emotions and transform them into propulsive energy towards change

  • access the heart dimension and contact the qualities of compassion, empathy, kindness and listening through Synchronicity

  • learn meditation techniques that can be brought into your daily life

  • acquire concrete tools to become an agent of change towards a sustainable world and society.

Vyvi uses the multidimensional BETHA approach (Body – Emotions – Thoughts – Heart – Awareness) in its work: its fulcrum is the access to the intelligence of the heart, a condition that is only possible when the underlying levels (Body – Primary Emotions – Operational Mind) are in a state of balance and energetic abundance. The intelligence of the heart allows you to include and transcend the duality of the logical mind (EGO-LOGICAL vision) and to access the poetic and creative mind (ECO-LOGICAL vision), understanding the interdependent relationship that exists between everything that lives on this planet.

You will be able to experience that the human being is a wonderful system in constant evolution that already has all the essential qualities to be able to live a happy and sustainable life at the service of love.

Training programme

First Module

The strength of the warrior.

The warrior puts their strength, their power, their integrity and their courage at the service of love and peace. These qualities are fundamental to accessing the intelligence of the heart in a stable way and initiating the change. 

It’s time for women and men of value to take back their power, coming out of a victimistic vision and becoming masters of their own lives.

Second Module

De-patriarchalize sexuality and relationships

Patriarchy is a social model that embodies an extractive and prevaricating vision of human beings towards others and nature, who become “objects” useful only to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Freeing sexuality and relationships from patriarchy means understanding that there is a relationship of interdependence that binds every living being, opening up to an encounter with oneself and with the other based on respect, freedom, pleasure, inclusion, joy, love and sacredness.

Third Module

IKIGAI: life worth living

Every living being on this planet is driven towards flowering and evolution.

For human beings, flourishing means bringing harmony, beauty, creativity, happiness and pleasure; it is a call to go beyond an EGOLOGICAL perspective, aimed only at the survival of the individual, to embrace the ECOLOGICAL vision where one becomes an instrument playing in the great orchestra of life.

Discovering one’s IKIGAI means finding one’s place in the world and the direction in which to direct energies and qualities: the warrior becomes agents of change at the service of love. 

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